Our Philosophy

Our teaching methods and “out-of-classroom” curricular and extra-curricular activities have been put together to make our class sessions more effective and an enjoyable experience for our students. These activities include conversational groups, travels, book clubs, weekly social events, wine tasting , cooking and painting classes, and sporting event outings.

Classes are led by French teachers and professors and adhere to pedagogical standards of typical American university language course. The implementation of the courses and curriculums are offered in a very interactive atmosphere and close to a full immersion which also provide one-on-one conversations, with regular visits from French (and international native-speaking) professionals who now reside and work in Indianapolis.

The “task-based” focus of our courses are especially useful for future travels to France or to a French-speaking country: initiating/maintaining conversations with critical thinking, requesting information, taking transportation, ordering a meal, shopping, banking, making social invitations, etc. Our courses are taught modeling inquiry-based approach to teaching the French language and culture, including referencing worldwide Francophone countries.

We are well-aware that digital learning yields important results, which is why our courses are supported by the latest multimedia innovations: Apple and Android apps, Skype, Internet educational websites, and SMS programs.

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