Adult Group classes

All of the Alliance Française network’s language courses are structured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). The CEF is the language and fluency level scale used in the European Union. It serves as the guideline for describing the level of fluency achieved by a foreign language learner. Find out what is your French language fluency level.

The Alliance Française of Indianapolis offers multiple courses within each CEF level, as detailed in the chart below. See below table for learning objectives of each level. You can also use this table to perform a quick self-evaluation.

*New students with any prior experience studying or speaking French must take our free placement test before enrolling in a class. It is the best way to guarantee you are in the best class for your language needs.

A1: Breakthrough / Beginner Level
101 A1.1
102 A1.2

A2: Way Stage / Elementary Level
103 A2.1
104 A2.2
105 A2.3
201 A2.4

B1: Threshold / Intermediate Level
202 B1.1
203 B1.2
204 B1.3
301 B1.4
302 B1.5
303 B1.6

B2: Vantage / Upper Intermediate Level
304 B2.1
401 B2.2
402 B2.3
403 B2.4
404 B2.5
405 B2.6

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