About Alliance Francaise De Indianapolis

An illustrious institution

The Alliance Française of Indianapolis is chartered through the Alliance Française de Paris (AFP). The label of the Alliance Française of Paris has been recognized throughout the world since the founding in 1883 of this illustrious institution of which all Alliances Françaises are affiliate members.

A worldwide network

The Alliance Française is also a worldwide network comprised of more than 1,135 Alliance Française associations in 138 countries with 130 other chapters throughout the United States. More at www.fondation-alliancefr.org.

An American national level federation

In the United States each chapter is distinguished by geographic location, history, structure and the surrounding community. Functioning independently, the American alliances are unified by a common mission and by their membership in the Federation of Alliances Françaises, USA, Inc. (FAF), which acts as their spokesperson with the AFP and collaborates closely with the Délégation Générale, whose office is located in Washington, DC. More at www.afusa.org.